François Gagné

Business VP and Damage Insurance Broker

• Over 10 years of experience in the field of damage insurance brokerage.
• His first five years were spent in the field of sales and insurance policy renewals thereafter he made the leap into the world of management.
• Having taken courses such;
o Manager accompanist
o Leadership Training Practice
o Basics of hiring
o Trainingdesigned by Cameron Human Resource

• Active member of the RCCAQ Beaucecommittee
• Establishment in recent years of necessary management tools:
o An effective process for staffing
o A pay equity compliance matrix
o Development of a real-time dashboard
o Implementation of a new environment for brokers
• He qualifies as a person:
o Focuses on results,profits, customers, partnerships.
o Has a strategic vision.
o Sense of planning,organization, monitoring and control.
o Dynamic, leadership and mobilization.
o Judgment and analytical skills.
o Problem Solving.
o Resistance to stress.
o Commitment and ability to influence and negotiate.
o Effective verbal and written communication.

Offices :