Ghislaine Provencher

CEO, Damage insurance Broker and Insurance of Persons

Ghislaine Provencher founded the Groupe Labonté Provencher company, insurance damage firm in 2001 to provide a complement to her life insurance customers, investment operating under the name Le Groupe Provencher Cabinet. In this way she ensures her clients a comprehensive service under one roof with specialized brokers.

Visionary business woman, she is always looking to expand her business solution. Furthermore, Ghislaine had a dairy farm and grain industry from a young age, so she knows how to find a niche in the business world and stands out with her dynamism and skills.

Always looking to expand, Ghislaine remains on the lookout for all the opportunities that are offered to her to promote the development of firms and provide service across the province. She is a person of reference in several areas of a job. Ghislaine remains a key person for the company.

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