Vincent Boulanger

Damage Insurance Broker & CEO

Success will depend on a chain of small gestures sometimes wacky, sometimes benign, often without apparent connection between them, but still powerful as a whole. They are human actions that go beyond professional titles.

Active in the industry for 11 years , Vincent is 31 years old . He is CEO of Assurancia Groupe Confiance damage insurance firms and 2nd Chance Insurance . He also directs WEBEXIA, a firm that designs websites and specializes in Google SEO.

In terms of difference,his corporate motto might well be: Let me tell you about love. Rather than see his first professional title, Vincent said hold to display the "human being." "Being human gives me the feeling to contribute to a better world, to change it,even. I am proud to help families and entrepreneursby selling for a living and I am proud to sell my products for what they do and not for what they are. "

On his map of human being, Vincent said «51% perfect and 100 % honest." Vincent humanizes with the client. He humanizes his approach and each suggestion given. He believes that as a human being he is able to better address common customer questions. "Does my representative like me? Will he do the right thing for me? He wants to know if I care about him and his needs. First like your client for him to like you" said Vincent , Conductor of Assurancia Groupe Confiance.

Specialties :

  • Enterprise Insurance
  • Agricultural Insurance

Offices :