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Holiday without insurance – a traveler tells his misadventure

Deanna Ellington, a traveler has learned the hard way that it is important to have travel insurance. Wounded in the hand during a trip to California, she had to spend several thousand dollars for treatment.

It’s by pushing on a window, which unfortunately broke out, that the young woman was seriously injured in a hand. An ambulance transport, hospital care and plastic surgeons also had to do hand reconstructive surgery.

“I have an invoice for the total cost of which amounts to $27 135.60,” says Deanna. “Yes, it is an amount that is huge, so I’m having a hard time paying for but I will do everything in my power to get out,” she continues.

Tendons and nerves were cut, multiple stitches are required. Two of her fingers are now non-functional and even the most simple movements become complex to perform.

“It saddens me more and more every day to see that my fingers do not recover, says Deanna. It sure is boring, it’s sad, but the story in there is that we make people a little more alert to situations that may happen outside. ”

The young woman, who is no stranger to travel, has always taken an insurance before she left. But this time, she went to the last minute and did not take the time to get one. It’s simple to get a travel insurance with a few clicks on the Internet.

Deanna Ellington is not to be taken by pity and says she draws her lesson from this experience. However, people who knows her have launched a fundraiser on the internet to help her recover financially.

That is why it is important to insure yourself before traveling!