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International Driving Permit Required: Florida steps back

Some commotion arose among several motorists and winter tourists who drive on the roads of Florida. The U.S. state has adopted a measure requiring, since January 2013, an international license for tourists and foreigners who travel on its roads.
The news of this measure has aroused the indignation and surprise across Canada. This obligation, however, was suspended temporarily.

Thursday, Florida has indeed suspended the requirement to hold an international license for foreign drivers, due to a problem of conformity with the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, which the United States is a signatory since May 1977.

The department of transportation safety in Florida has also postponed the application of sanctions, time for amendments to be made ​​to comply with international treaty.

CAA-Quebec, the agency responsible for issuing permits for international Quebecers who visit Florida, has heard the news last Tuesday. Since the staff is overwhelmed with requests, especially from travelers who are in Florida for the winter with their caravan or people who were planning to go there in the coming weeks.

According to the CAA, Florida has adopted this policy for the Florida Police officers are not faced with the understanding of a driver’s license that was written in a language other than English.

The International Driving Permit can be obtained from the CAA for $ 25. This permit is valid for one year, translated into 10 languages ​​driving license but at the request of a police officer, it must accompany the original permit, not just replace it.

Source The press 15-02-2013