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High net worth homeowners

If you are a high value home owner, you would probably not entrust maintenance to anyone. It is the same for insurance: better dealwith specialists! You can rely on Assurancia brokers to understand and analyze yourneeds. Here area few lines that we could offer you:

Complimentary appraisals

Let us help you understand the true value of your residence(s) and find ways to improve the safety of your home and family through our complimentary in-home appraisal service, available to all Homeowners.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

By having a policy with Guaranteed Replacement Cost, in the event of a claim – whether a total or partial loss – you have the peace of mind knowing our goal is to rebuild your home to its original state.

Flexible claims settlement

We know that when an item is damaged or stolen, you want to replace it quickly. It offers Cash Settlement – with no obligation to repair or replace – for building or contents related claims.

Worldwide Personal liability

We know you like to travel and we’ve got you covered. Your personal liability coverage protects you no matter where in the world you travel.

Deductible waiver

We will waive your deductible when your loss exceeds $25,000 or when you’ve taken the steps to adequately protect your belongings.

Business Property coverage

Sometimes your work will follow you home. We offer Business Property coverage of $25,000 on premises and $10,000 off premises.

Contents extension

We also cover up to $50,000 of your personal property kept at any other location you own, rent or lease.

Unlimited by-law coverage

If new or stricter by-laws affect your home during a rebuild, you may incur high additional expenses to remain up to code. We provide unlimited coverage for those costs to keep you and your family safe.

Students living away from home

Even if the student(s) of your family are living away from home, anywhere in the world, you still want to help protect them from any expenses incurred by a loss. Itprovides protection for their personal property and liability.

Additional value coverages

We understand the value of your special items and offer a variety of extensions of coverage to meet your needs such as High Valued Automobiles and Scheduled Valuable Articles. It automatically includes Personal Legal Expense Insurance and Mechanical Breakdown Extension coverage for all Homeowner policyholders.

For this kind of riskwe suggestyou call one of our Assurancia brokers !

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