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Snowmobile Insurance

The right insurance protection for having fun!

People who enjoy ATVs or snowmobiles have the right protection when they ride with My ATV and me/My Snowmobile and me from Intact Insurance. And that’s even truer for those who love both these types of vehicles! Combining generous coverage limits with competitive rates, these policies are right for you who like to head off the beaten track in the great outdoors.


  • Competitive rates.
  • Discounts for two or more vehicles – up to 5% off the recreational vehicle premiums, whether the other vehicle is recreational or a private passenger automobile.
  • Discounts up to 5% for members of a recognized association or club.
  • Additional discount of up to 15% if a complete antitheft system or tracking system is installed on the vehicle.
  • Up to $3,000 coverage for accessories and equipment.
  • $10,000 of life insurance at no additional charge.
  • Up to 6 months of coverage for trips outside Quebec.
  • Ability to write an ATV or snowmobile policy as a standalone without the full portfolio, for a 1-year or 2-year term.

* In addition, by combining your recreational vehicle and residential policies with Synchro Insurance, you can save up to 15% off their home insurance premiums.

My ATV and me andMy snowmobile and me are for owners of all makes and models of recreational vehicles that are eligible for the program. These policies may be written with or without a private passenger automobile.

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