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Special programs
My Driving Discount

The smart road to savings

Safe driving is its own reward. But with My Driving Discount, you have even more reason to take care behind the wheel. This program offers you valuable discounts on your auto insurance premiums, based on your good driving habits. And there are other benefits, too.

Easy to use…

A device pluggedby you into your vehicle collects data on driving behaviours for six months. At the end of this short assessment period, an activity discount is calculated, based on your driving data. The data on braking, acceleration, and the times of day when the vehicle is used are evaluated in relation to the total number of kilometres you drives.


By signing up for my Driving Discount, you are automatically entitled to a 5% enrollment discount on your auto insurance premium. Once the assessment period is completed, you may qualify for a total discount of up to 25%. The better the driving behaviour, the greater the cut in premium.