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Why choose us

5 reasons to choose Assurancia

Because you have something else to do than get a headache with your auto insurance, home and business, and then why not trust brokers from the Assurancia network? All Assurancia brokers have a certification allowing them to analyze your needs and recommend appropriate protections.
  • We are your master brokers!

    Assurancia and all our consultants have a license in good standing with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). Each broker has been adequately trained to properly advise you and also participating in a continuous education program.
    Your best insurance is an insurance broker!

  • We are at your service throughout Quebec!

    With over thirty branches, an Assurancia firm is certainly in your area. We have proximity with our customers and this is one of our strengths. Check the list of firms to know the closest one from you and come meet us!

  • We are engaged in society!

    Assurancia makes it a duty to give back to its community and is involved in the different regions. We partner Jasmin Roy Foundation, which fights against bullying. In addition, each Assurancia branch also helps different organizations in their region in its way, collecting donations in several ways or sponsoring some local events.

  • We simplify your life!

    Because life is too short, we like to make your life easier. Our effective modern working methods allow us to serve you as quickly as possible and as you prefer. You prefer email over the phone? It is possible to send you your insurance coverage by email and to be contacted the same way. You work hard and are not available in the daytime? Some branches are open weeknights, allowing you to spend your day, doing what you enjoy, and manage your insurance when you choose.

  • We are certified Settlement Masters!

    Unique with brokers Assurancia, Settlement Masters certification accelerates the settlement of claims and guarantees a constant and regular monitoring of your claim. We follow developments at any time of your claim and we can respond quickly when needed. We also ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.