What is the general insurance broker’s job about?

The general insurance broker has a degree and is skilled to guide his or her clients to know which insurer provides the product that best meets their needs, whether for automobile insurance, household insurance or commercial insurance. Contact an Assurancia broker now!

  If objects are stolen from my car…is that covered?

What is permanently attached to the automobile or used for the operation or normal use of the vehicle is covered. For example, if your hockey equipment is stolen, it will be covered by your household insurance, and not by your automobile policy.

  What is a deductible?

The amount you must pay when you present a claim is called the deductible, and the insurer will pay the difference from your claim. Some contracts offer $0 deductible, ask your broker!

  In the case of an event, what should I do?

When an event takes place, you should contact your broker as soon as possible. Assurancia brokers offer a 24/7 service which will direct you to your insurer, in order to protect you or repair the damage in a timely manner.

  Why would someone choose to have a 2 year policy contract?

A 2 year contract allows you to freeze your premium, i.e. you will not incur any increase over the next two years. As well, you will benefit from free monthly installments. Talk to your broker about it.

  Why would I get tenant insurance?

If you are a tenant, you should insure your civil liability and your personal property. For example, should you cause a fire by accident while cooking, your liability could be invoked, which could make it very expensive for you!

  I am a co-owner in a condominium, should I insure the real estate assets?

As a co-owner, it would be wise to include real estate assets in your insurance contract. They will be used if the condominium insurance policy’s coverage is insufficient.

  Why should I insure my home based on the cost of reconstruction and not its market value?

Since the cost of reconstruction of homes has increased exponentially, it is important to check with your broker to know the amount of the coverage for your home. This is different than the market value, which mainly provides a selling price for your home, or is used to assess the amounts due for property tax. If you want to rebuild your house as is after an event, consider your amount.

  There has been some water damage in your home, what is the first thing you should do?

First, turn off the water and electricity inlets of the rooms affected. Try to wipe and mop and quickly phone your insurance company or broker. They will direct you to a disaster emergency company and will process the claim.

  Is marking efficient to help prevent car theft?

According to certain studies, marking is efficient on several types of automobiles, especially those stolen for parts. Also, you may take advantage of a major discount, as well as limit the risk of theft.

  Does my household insurance policy cover identity theft?

Identity theft is not part of the basic coverage of your household insurance policy. Since it may cause significant losses in terms of time and money, ask your Assurancia broker how you could protect yourself from it.

  Following repairs on my car, are these repairs guaranteed?

With certain insurance companies, when you use the services of affiliated garages, repairs may be guaranteed. Talk to your Assurancia broker.